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Choosing the perfect kitchen for your home

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014
Choosing the perfect kitchen for your home

Choosing the perfect kitchen for your home

If you are looking for a kitchen that ticks all of your boxes and fits in perfectly with your lifestyle, it is important to spend some time researching your options before setting the wheels in motion: After all, if you fail to choose wisely, you’ll have to live with the results, or else spend even more money than you had first intended, in order to simply put things right.

Let’s take a look at three questions you should ask yourself whilst planning your ideal kitchen…

Is your new kitchen manufactured by a reputable company?

By picking a suitable, high-quality option from the start, you’ll not only satisfy your desire for a fantastic kitchen: You are much more likely to save money in the long-run if the kitchen performs all of its duties admirably, with a high degree of reliability. At Ideal Kitchens Edinburgh, we’ve been approved to sell kitchens by renowned Dutch specialists, Keller Kitchens, whose reputation for high-quality, durable and great value designs makes them the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a kitchen upgrade.

Are you able to view a sample kitchen to get a better feel for what you are buying?

It is one thing to look at a glossy brochure, or to pick out a style from a website, but another thing entirely to be able to inspect your choice of kitchen up close and personal: After all, if you are wanting to gauge the build quality of a unit, figure out which materials look best ‘in the flesh’, or simply get a better feel for the kitchen overall, it is a big advantage to be able to walk into a kitchen showroom Edinburgh specialist and speak to a helpful advisor, so that you can go through all of the finer details.

What style of kitchen suits your tastes?

From classic cottage kitchen styles, decked out in natural materials and covered in ornate flourishes, to cutting-edge modern masterpieces of minimalism, clad in stainless steel and polished glass, it is possible to make a bold statement with your choice of kitchen: Or to pick a discreet style which seamlessly blends into your abode. In order to make sure that you are going down the right path, it helps to be able to identify the kind of kitchen that suits your tastes to a tee before making your final decision.

At Ideal, we’re your local kitchen design Edinburgh specialists: With our fantastic range of Keller Kitchens to choose from, it is possible to find the style which is right for you.

How to Prepare Your Home for the Big Freeze

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Ideal_Additional_Picture-169With recent weather reports spreading rumours of another ‘big-freeze’ this winter, there are a number of ways that you could choose to take this news…

  • You might like to ignore these reports and wait until you see (and feel) the bad weather for yourself.
  • Alternatively, you could end up taking some precautions to ensure that your home will be adequately protected against the elements.

Whether or not the mercury drops to record lows this year, the sensible approach would be to err on the side of caution and make sure that your home is, at the very least, ready to be a safe, habitable environment, whatever the weather.

Top tips for a warm winter home

Ideal Windows Edinburgh has compiled a list of handy hints which can help you to make your home a cosier, comfier environment this winter:

Invest in high-grade double-glazing

If you have single-glazed or older double glazed windows installed at home, you might be surprised at the difference that you’ll make to your living environment by having them replaced with new double-glazed units.

The latest models are built to lower heat-loss in your home whilst limiting draughts, meaning that you can be confident your abode will be comfortable once the frost starts to settle outside.

Ensure that your doors are up-to-scratch

A poorly-fitting or flimsily-constructed door won’t provide much defence against icy winds, whilst the warmth that your heating systems are working hard to generate will quite easily find its way out of your home.

The newest doors available today are specially designed to cut out draughts and keep your home safe and warm when the coldest winters strike, so investing in an upgrade makes a lot of sense.

Make sure that your heating system is well-maintained

Whilst new double glazing and energy-efficient doors will do their bit to lower your heating costs, another important factor to consider is the age and condition of your heating system.

By ensuring that your heating solution is fully functional and working at optimal efficiency, you’ll help to keep your home comfortable whilst saving money.

Think about your roofline

A poorly maintained roofline can be the source of many headaches in the home, especially during colder, stormier seasons: Broken verges, torn felt, smashed tiles, blocked gutters and worn-out fascias can soon turn from unflattering (but out-of-sight) eyesores, to the root of much deeper problems: Damp, rot and full-on water ingress can all end up permeating your building, transforming a once pleasant home into an uninhabitable, potentially unsafe environment.

By getting your roof checked and revitalised, you’ll be protecting yet another aspect of your home against the impending ice-age that weather reports keep promising is on its way!

Get your water pipes insulated

One of the biggest fears that many homeowners have is the possibility that their water pipes might end up freezing when the weather takes a turn for the worst: The chances of this calamity ever occurring can be minimised by investing in some foam insulation: If you decide to install these yourself, be sure to take extra care around hot pipes and to ask at your local hardware shop for advice on the best kind of foam to purchase.

If in any doubt, be sure to call in a tradesman to ensure that a safe, effective job will be carried out.

What does your door colour say about your personality?

Friday, October 11th, 2013

What_Does_Your_Door_Colour_Say_About_You_ImageAt Ideal Windows and Conservatories, we know a thing or two about home improvements: In our 20 years of serving the Edinburgh, Fife and Lothian areas, we’ve helped countless scores of customers to find the perfect windows, doors and conservatories for their properties.

When it comes to investing in new doors for your home, one of the most important factors to consider is the kind of impression you wish this vital feature to project to the world: after all, first impressions count!

Whilst security features, efficiency, durability and other aspects of performance should always be your chief concern, one of the most enjoyable aspects of investing in a new door is deciding which colour would suit your home and reflect your personality most accurately.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular (and unusual) colour choices for door finishes and see what kind of associations are linked with each hue…


If you opt for a red door, you are likely to be a passionate, energetic and warm individual who likes having some excitement in their life: You are both impulsive and charming.


Green means that you enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the great outdoors; you are a calm, relaxed individual with a dynamic personality.


Blue implies trustworthiness and projects a powerful image of success to the world; it also hints at a creative spark and implies that you are cool-headed and warm-hearted.


Yellow tells the world that you are a bright, cheery and positive person whose optimism and sensitive nature rubs off on others with uplifting effects.

Brown/Wooden Effect

You are calm and reliable, with a love for tradition and understated touches of elegance: A real down-to-earth individual who enjoys being at one with the natural world.


Much like red, orange is a warming colour with a real burst of energy about it: You are sharp, enthusiastic and passionate, with a pleasant, sociable personality.


A regal purple tone implies that you are confident and dignified, with an artistic streak and empathetic nature.


Pink indicates that you are confident, outgoing and fun-loving, with a playful and emotional nature;


Turquoise tells others that you are compassionate, decisive and creative: You are known for projecting a calming, soothing aura.


This powerful tone carries an air of authority, discipline and dignity with it and indicates a strong-minded, independent personality.


The lightest possible tone carries a positive vibe and implies that you are logical and organised in your way of thinking, with a love of simplicity and structure: As with black, you seek independence in your life.


Grey would tell others that you are one cool cucumber! You are a calming, comforting presence that others can depend upon.

Ideal Windows and Conservatories Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Ian_&_elaineSeptember 2013 marks the 20th Anniversary for Ideal Windows and conservatories

To celebrate this occasion and thank our loyal customers, we are pleased to announce we will have special anniversary offers available all week

There has never been a better time to check out our outstanding range of home improvement solutions: Click here to get an instant free quote, give us a call on: 0131 440 4117, or pop into our showroom: Our friendly, knowledgeable experts will be on hand to help make your home even more special than it is already!

What can we help you with?


We provide a wide range of secure, efficient and beautiful windows in a number of styles, materials and finishes;

From the classical good-looks of our exclusive hardwood range, to the high-tech performance of our Aluminium and PVC-U products, you can be sure that Ideal will have the perfect match for your property.


Ideal Windows and Conservatories carries a fantastic range of composite and UPVC door designs that will help you to make a statement each time you step through your door.

Our doors can be built from the ground up to be a perfect fit with your property, ensuring maximum security and efficiency.


Over the past 20 years, Ideal has helped its valued customers across the Edinburgh, Fife and Scottish Borders areas to upgrade their homes with a superb range of high-quality conservatory products.

A new conservatory from Ideal will add a bright, energising new space to your home that will be built to your exact specifications, from high quality materials and with the amazing special attention to detail which our team is famous for.


Add a versatile new space to your home by opting for one of our gorgeous sunrooms! Available in a range of spectacular styles, you can be sure that our team will help you to find the ideal solution.

About Ideal Windows and Conservatories

Over the past couple of decades, Ideal has built a reputation for high quality workmanship, fantastic customer service and innovative, solidly-constructed home improvement solutions.

We are so proud of our products and services that we offer extensive guarantees on all of our projects, up to an amazing 10 years!

Our products are all tested to the highest UK standards for security and quality (with many items even exceeding these standards!).

Open Up Your Options with French Doors

Friday, April 19th, 2013

If you are looking for a stunningly beautiful, yet thoroughly practical way to bring the beauty of the outside world into your home, French doors could be the perfect addition to your property;

How did French doors evolve?

The earliest French doors were a renaissance-era development, which were designed to embody the ideals of classical architecture: as such, they found their way into the most fashionable homes throughout Europe.

French doors are typically double-leaved systems which feature full-length glazed panels, surrounded by a sturdy, but minimalistic frame: normally, these doors do not feature a central mullion, making for easy access to and from the home, with no obstructions getting in the way once they are opened.

With an enduring style of their own, French windows are timeless classics which will perfectly compliment modern and period homes alike: but aside from just looking fantastic, today’s designs are engineered to bring plenty of practical, useful features into your home…

Why should I invest in French doors?

If you choose to have high quality French doors added to your property, you’ll enjoy:

  • Improved lighting conditions: Thanks to their large glass panels, French doors will let plenty of light into your home, reducing the need for artificial lights during the day and providing unobstructed views of the area surrounding your home.
  • Outstanding thermal efficiency: Advances in modern materials and engineering methods mean that the best French doors are designed to be effectively insulated against the elements: by cutting out draughts and minimising heat loss, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable interior living environment – and you could even save money on heating bills during the colder months!
  • Enjoy the outside world from the comfort of your home: Thanks to the full-length glazed panels which typify French doors, you’ll be able to enjoy the rich tapestry of your beautiful garden, revel in the splendour of a clear and starry night, watch wildlife or gaze out upon a spectacular cityscape: whatever lies beyond your doors, you can enjoy great views without exposing yourself to the elements: and during those occasions when the sun is shining at full strength, this door design will allow you to easily circulate fresh air around your home.

Why choose Ideal Windows and conservatories for French doors?

For the ultimate French doors, you need look no further than Ideal: proudly serving its customers across Edinburgh, Fife and the Scottish Borders for over 18 years, this family firm offers top quality products and professional installations which come with a rock-solid 10 year guarantee.

Get a free instant quote, give us a call on 0131 440 4117 or pop into our showroom and our experienced team will help you find the perfect French doors for your home.

Improve Your Outlook with Some New Patio Doors

Friday, April 19th, 2013

If you are lucky enough to be surrounded by a gorgeous garden, or indeed any beautiful feature beyond the walls of your home interior, it can be a real shame to close your door on the outside world: that is, unless you have some high quality patio doors in place…

What are patio doors, exactly?

A patio door is a variety of sliding door which features large glazed sections in order to facilitate easy access to and from a building, whilst allowing plenty of natural light in.

Patio doors operate using an ingenious sliding mechanism, which guarantees smooth operation in a package which is famed for its efficient use of space: these properties make sliding patio doors a firm favourite among those seeking to lend a modern, minimalistic look and feel to a property.

A timeless style to match your home

Some of the earliest examples of sliding doors can be found in classical Japanese architecture, where wooden frames featuring semi-opaque sheets of paper were built as room dividers, doors and windows;

This aesthetic would go on to influence prominent modernist architects of the 20th Century, whose designs started to feature sliding glass doors as an expression of all that was slick, efficient and stylish as the century progressed.

Today’s breed of sliding patio doors are built to be just as beautiful as their forebears, with their minimalistic good looks helping this style to remain a true ‘evergreen’ among door systems: but there is far more to the best modern patio doors than meets the eye…

Practical, beautiful elegance

Modern patio doors have evolved into highly practical architectural features which bring a number of exciting benefits to any property:

  • They allow plenty of beautiful natural light to spill into the home
  • Panoramic, virtually floor-to-ceiling views of the outside world are possible with this style
  • Easy, yet secure access to and from a building is guaranteed with high-end models
  • Due to their ingenious sliding mechanism, these doors take up a minimum of space when in operation, making them perfect when an efficient alternative to more commonplace door systems is required.
  • Advances in technology mean that modern sliding patio doors are now much more energy-efficient than older designs: this can result in lower heating bills during the winter and improved comfort in the home all year round.

Get your own patio doors from Ideal Windows and conservatories today

Get a free instant quote online, call us on: 0131 440 4117 or pop into our showroom to find out more from one of the leading patio door specialists in Scotland.

How to Choose a Roofline That Will Last

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

When it comes to protecting your house, it is easy to put a lot of emphasis on choosing robust, modern windows and doors: but one part of the home which tends to be neglected is the humble roofline: the fact that we are rarely face to face with this feature may help to explain why this feature is often underappreciated and left to degrade over the years;

Is water damage waiting to strike your home?

A poorly maintained or out-of-date roofline could fall victim to rot, warping, flaking paint or any number of damaging factors, which can all lead to deeper problems setting root in your home, including the serious possibility of water damage.

What can you do to prevent issues with your next choice of roofline?

If you are looking to upgrade to a brand new roofline, it is worth taking your time to choose carefully, to ensure that you are picking a design which will give you many years of reliable service to come;

For a wise choice, try making sure that your new roofline ticks the following boxes:

  • It should be graded as ‘weatherproof’ by the manufacturer
  • It should resist most alkalis, acids, air pollution, seawater, insects and other contaminants.
  • It should resist UV degradation.
  • It should require very little in the way of maintenance.
  • It should perfectly complement your property.

Choose a roofline that comes with a guarantee

It is possible to get rooflines which come with a 10 or 15 year guarantee against environmental weathering: this means that they should retain their full functionality and appearance for the minimum duration stated in the guarantee: typically, however, you can expect any high quality roofline with a guarantee like this to last much, much longer.

What enhancements are available for the latest rooflines?

Aside from just being functional features of your property, modern rooflines come with a range of enhanced features that will give you improved functionality and help to improve the look and feel of your property;

Some of the most popular enhancements include:

  • Decorative fascias: these help to make for a more attractive appearance, with some options including compatibility with specialised lighting systems.
  • Guards: protection against unwanted debris or even specialist guards designed to prevent insects from entering your home via the roofline are available for modern installations.
  • Improved ventilation systems: Look for a roofline which comes with enhanced ventilation, to ensure that you can avoid problems associated with condensation.

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Sunroom

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

When it comes to planning an extension for your property, few spaces could be as versatile as a sunroom;

This ingenious type of structure combines the best features of a glass conservatory with the advantageous characteristics of a regular room, thanks to the more conventional roof-style that typifies this kind of structure.

A new sunroom opens up many unique possibilities, with a range of configurations and styles available to suit any home – what will you use yours for?

  • A light soaked home office?
  • A dazzling lounge area?
  • A bright dining room?
  • A home theatre zone?
  • An indoor gardening space?
  • A spare bedroom?

Whatever you choose to use yours for, you’ll be guaranteed to gain a naturally bright, practical, highly usable space that is designed to fit in with your property.

Open up the possibilities

In modern sunrooms, the three wall sections will typically feature large glazed panels, which are designed to flood your sunroom interior with beautiful natural light.

The standard roof design means that you can use your sunroom for activities that would be impractical in other extension styles, such as a glazed-roof conservatory, where the extra sunlight coming in through the roof could prove to be problematic.

Enhance your property

The extra space you’ll gain from getting a sunroom added to your property can help to boost the value of your home as well as to increase its appeal: after all, what could be more attractive than a gorgeous, light and airy extra room?

Configure the perfect sunroom for your needs

Modern Sunrooms are available in a wide range of styles, such as:

  • Full or partial glazing: Choose from floor to ceiling glazed walls, or windows which extend from a few feet up the walls to the roof line.
  • Insulated or Un-insulated designs: choose according to your needs – an insulated design is much more versatile, since it can be used all year round: you can, however, choose un-insulated if you intend to just use the sunroom during the warmer months alone.
  • Roof Windows: If you’d like a bit more light than a conventional sunroom, but prefer not to go down the route of a conservatory, it is possible to add roof windows to your sunroom – perfect for stargazing during the night, or reading the newspaper over breakfast.

Aside from the design of the overall structure, it is possible to further customise a sunroom by choosing a specific combination of window and door styles.

So, whether you choose the practicality of tilt & turn windows or the classic appeal of sash & case windows, you can pair your selection with a range of beautiful, effective door styles, such as modern bi-fold, smooth sliding doors or chic French doors.

Whatever option you choose, you’ll be making a solid investment when you add a sunroom to your property.

The Benefits of Introducing a Conservatory into Your Home

Monday, November 5th, 2012

When trying to add value to your home, a conservatory should be first on your list. This type of extension will introduce warmth and light into your home, as well as additional space. Regardless of the size of your property, a conservatory will offer a whole host of benefits and when you consider the advantages of these property developments, this will outweigh the associated investment.

Property Value

Introducing a conservatory into your home will boost property value significantly. Higher equity will be admirable if you are planning to put your property on the market in the near future. conservatories are the top choice for homeowners who want to raise property value because of their versatility throughout the year.


It is obvious that a conservatory is aesthetically pleasing and the transparent glass panels allow for an injection of light, even in the winter months. This will give the illusion that the property is bigger than it actually is and panoramic views of your garden can be enjoyed when relaxing in a conservatory.

Various Styles

The great thing about getting a conservatory built onto the exterior of your property is that there are numerous styles available to suit all tastes. Different techniques can be used to create certain effects and common Conservatory Designs include:

  • Lean To
  • Victorian
  • Lantern
  • Gable
  • P-shaped
  • Edwardian

You can even select the appropriate type of roofing, with glass roofing offering plenty of light. Types of conservatory roofing include:

  • Glass roof
  • Lead roof
  • Polycarbonate roof
  • Tiled roof

Enhanced Health

What many people are not aware of is that conservatories can improve your overall health. Exposure to natural sunlight will improve your mood and when sitting in a conservatory, you can open windows and doors to advance air quality. Relaxing in a conservatory will also reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

How Could Your Home Benefit From New UPVC Windows?

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

If you are thinking about improving the comfort, efficiency and security of your home, few purchases could be as beneficial as getting new UPVC Windows installed – let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why you should consider investing in this essential home improvement…

Reason #1: You will save money

Who likes losing money? During the colder months of the year, you could end up haemorrhaging your heating funds if you have leaky, out-of-date windows dotted around your home.

Whilst there are a number of improvements you can implement in order to make your home more energy efficient, few solutions will give you as much ‘bang for your buck’ as getting quality new double-glazed UPVC windows installed – but why is this the case?

The answer is quite simple: it is very common for the worst offender in an energy-inefficient home to be leaky windows – heat will naturally exit via the easiest point of escape: upgrading to high-end double glazing helps to create a barrier which locks heat in: meaning that you can make some hefty savings on your heating bills!

Reason # 2: Your home will be more secure

But just how secure? In much the same way that inefficient old windows let warmth out of your property, windows without adequate security features are like an invitation for undesired intruders to come in to your home.

It’s all too easy to focus on securing obvious points of entry into your home such as doorways, but, if your windows are not up-to-scratch, you could unwittingly be making life very easy for any criminals that could be out there lurking in the shadows.

If you opt for some of the more high-end windows on the market which bear a security mark (such as the BSI Nova Kite mark) and get them installed by Nova-approved specialists, then you can expect your home to be a lot more secure than it would be with the burglar-friendly creaky designs of old: look out for the following security features in your new UPVC windows:

  • Top and bottom shoot bolts
  • Hinge and handle locks
  • Shoot bolts
  • Hooks with steel construction

Reason # 3: They will enhance your home

Gone are the days when manufacturers of UPVC Windows took the Henry T. Ford approach to the design of their products: Whilst Ford stated that “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black”, white frames were once the only option for those seeking to enjoy the benefits of UPVC glazing;

These days, advances in technology have meant that a whole range of colours and finishes are now possible, meaning that you can get a look which perfectly complements the look and character of your home, whether you opt for a rosewood, mahogany, light oak-wood grain or even just a plain old white finish, you can be sure that you will find the right option for your needs!