Five Ways to Heat Your Conservatory

We all know that a quality conservatory is a beautiful place to while away the hours in those long summer nights, but what happens when mother-nature turns the temperature down?

When winter falls (or if summer comes a little later than expected), you may wish to add to your comfort by investing in some heating for your conservatory – let’s take a look at what you can do to ensure that you can use this valuable home addition to its full potential all year round…

First things first – insulate

Make sure that any heat you add to your conservatory interior is not lost – we recommend that you opt for PVCU windows with Argon gas insulation and transparent metallic coatings for the best results: this winning combination will reduce your heating bills by keeping your conservatory gloriously insulated, with no reduction in the amount of light which gets in.

Heating Method 1: Fan Heater

These are cheap, portable units, which work by passing air through an electrical heating element – whilst it won’t cost you much to purchase one of these, the cost of running it is likely to be more expensive than if you were to opt for a fuel-based heater; overall, we would recommend using one of these only if you wish to add extra heating to your conservatory occasionally, or if you require a smaller, handier unit to target a specific area within the conservatory; one point to bear in mind is that these heaters normally emit a bit of a noise, due to the motorised fan spinning – if you are used to the tranquillity you normally experience in your conservatory, such a noise might be a bit unwelcome, so we recommend testing out such a heater before buying it to see what the noise levels will be like.

Heating Method 2: Oil Heater

These units are typically larger than a typical fan heater, however they offer some key advantages over fan-based systems:

  • Oil-filled radiators are much quieter than fan-heaters, so your peaceful conservatory setting will remain a haven of tranquillity.
  • This type of system is often considered to be much safer than fan-heaters, since they have lower surface operating temperatures.
  • They can be a little more versatile, as the positioning of the unit is not as important as it is with a fan-based system: you won’t have to worry about the direction of air-flow with an oil heater.

Heating Method 3: Central Heating

If you already have a central heating system at home, it may be possible to hook this up to your conservatory: all that you will need to do in this instance is install a radiator with thermostatic controls, ensuring that it can be controlled independently from the heating in the rest of the house (since your conservatory will often have a different temperature from your home interior) – the main advantage to this system is that the running costs will be much cheaper than if you were to use an electrical heating system, such as a fan or oil heater.

Heating Method 4: Under-floor Heating

These versatile systems are among the most convenient methods available for heating a conservatory: as the heat source is housed underfoot, they won’t take up extra floor space in your conservatory, meaning that it is essentially an ‘invisible’ method of heating the space – aside from being discreet, under-floor heating offers low running costs and is highly versatile: it is possible to hook it up to a number of sources, including your central heating system – the only downside is that it can be a little expensive to install, compared to other methods.

Heating Method 5: Air Con

This method brings a double-whammy of benefits: in the summer, you will be able to use an air-conditioning unit to keep your conservatory nice and cool, whilst in cooler months, you can use it to heat the space to a comfy temperature – the only disadvantages are that this method can be a little noisy when running at full pelt and can cost more to install than some of the other methods listed in this post.

If you have Lean to Conservatory or a Sunroom it is important that you choose the right heating method so that you can enjoy this additional space all year round.

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