Interior Design Tips for Your Conservatory

You don’t need to be an interior designer to create a ‘grand-design’ of your own at home which will impress your guests and give you a space to admire – it needn’t cost a lot of money to do so either, so what are you waiting for?

conservatories open up some exciting design possibilities which would not be possible in other areas of your home…get inspired today with these top tips:

Play with the juxtaposition between your interior and exterior spaces

Your conservatory is a meeting place between the natural world and the built environment – to play with this theme, try blending the two distinct zones by including a concentration of outdoor-inspired elements as part of the décor in your conservatory – some examples:

  • Potted Plants, perhaps even some of the same species you have in your garden
  • Garden ornaments, brought indoors
  • Furnishings made from natural materials
  • Nature-themed artwork, such as landscape paintings and photographic prints – these could be mounted in self-standing frames, on easels, or simply placed on a table-top

With a few small, but creative touches, it is possible to really blur the line between the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home and further enhance the illusion of being outdoors whilst lounging back in your comfy conservatory.

Whether you choose to add a cheeky garden gnome, some twigs and pinecones in a glass vase or use an old watering can as a plant-pot, you can get away with some daring design flourishes here which you couldn’t in other parts of your home!

Think about the transition between your house and conservatory

You have thought about the way in which the garden melds into your fab conservatory, but what about how your joining room merges with this lush space?

Take a walk from your conservatory to the rest of your home interior…have a brief pause for a minute, then walk back and take note of how the ambience changes between the two areas…

As a much lighter space with a better view of the outside world, there can sometimes be a jarring sensation as you enter a conservatory from a room which is drastically different;

If you want to blend the two spaces more subtly, you could try bringing the ambience further indoors by adding elements with an outdoor theme (in smaller concentrations to the conservatory) in the approach to the conservatory: perhaps some smaller plants, artwork with a natural theme or even some additional lighting, if the space is significantly darker than the conservatory – these changes can help to create a gradual thematic journey from one area to the next instead of a sudden leap.

Come up with a theme for the conservatory

Perhaps you want to go beyond just creating a ‘nature’ inspired look, or are looking for something completely different…conservatories make for a wonderfully versatile space to work with: the extra light levels can work wonders if you are going for a minimalistic, modern feel as much as this characteristic would benefit a whimsical, rustic look.

We recommend flicking through interior design magazines and books for some ideas which will suit you…look for inspiration in many different places: for example, if you are seeking to create a period art deco look, you could pop down to your local library to find books on the style, visit a museum with items from this period, do some research online, or even watch a bit of ‘Poirot’ or ‘Boardwalk Empire’ on TV for inspiration.

When it comes time to plan out your design, make a nice pot of coffee (or similar refreshing beverage) and put together a scrapbook with magazine cuttings whilst relaxing in your conservatory…you will be surprised at how easily the ideas will flow when you are in the space that you are looking to decorate, in a relaxed mood with inspirational materials at hand…just remember to keep your pencil handy to jot down those precious ideas!

Remember that function should be considered along with form

When picking items to populate your conservatory with, remember to choose articles which will be suitable for use in such a brightly lit environment, as too much UV may damage the finish of furniture which hasn’t been designed for this type of beautifully sunlight-soaked space: consider rattan, cane or other materials which are up to the task – so many design options are available in suitable materials these days that the only limit will be your imagination!

So go on, unleash your inner Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen today and bring your own style ideas into your Conservatory Designs.

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