Conservatory Designs

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We have an incredible range of beautiful and secure conservatory designs to choose from and because we have some of the most talented designers and fitters in the country, we know that no matter what your requirements, we can design and build you a stunning conservatory which meets your requirements. This will increase the value of your home significantly and give you a whole new space in which to dine, play, entertain or just relax in the sun. The possibilities are endless. 
How would one of these look on the side of your house?


Victorian Conservatory DesignIdentifiable by its sharp angled roof, atop a rounded facade, a Victorian conservatory has a classic stature which looks right in any setting and provides a panoramic view from the cosy interior. A classic and ever popular style, Victorian conservatory designs come in three and five facet builds. 



Edwardian Conservatory Design

This simple looking conservatory is perfect for any setting and is particularly suited to people who wish to retain a conventional shape when adding an additional room to their house. With strong bold lines, this style can make a big statement without forfeiting the persona of your home.


 Lean To

Lean To Conservatory Design

These are one of the most popular conservatory designs. Normally square with a flat angled roof, they are excellent for allowing the maximum amount of light in and are ideal for any size or shape of house. More adaptable for limited space, lean to conservatories can be adapted to fit your home with a multitude of styles. 


Gable Front

This can add a sense of grandeur to any type of home. The word ‘gable’ refers to the triangular shape situated below the end of the pitched roof and is often highlighted with a starburst pattern of trusses extending to the ridge of the roof.

P-Shape, T-Shape or B-Shape

P Shape Conservatory design

These styles of conservatory designs are a mixture of ‘Edwardian/Georgian’ and ‘Lean To’ styles which when viewed from above look like a P, T or B shape. These types of conservatory give you the flexibility to create a dynamic space which you can use for a number of different purposes and allows you to fit a stunning conservatory into any existing space you have. Speaking to your expert Ideal Windows and Conservatories account manager, you can work together to come up with the best design for your budget.


A porch can create an impressive entrance to your home. There are a number of possibilities when choosing a design including sloping, hipped or flat roof or if you need to add to an existing entrance or to create a whole new one. The right porch for you will give you more space and can be seamlessly integrated with your existing structure.


Orangeries are named such because this was a type of structure which was originally designed to contain fruit trees in tubs during the winter months. The first orangeries were made of stone and had dozens of large windows, later they were made of wood and are now much closer to traditional conservatory designs. Orangeries are characterised as having squared walls with large windows but with a glazed flat roof and one or more roof lanterns on top. These are ideal for complimenting older buildings.


While one might think of large public glass domed buildings when thinking of domed conservatory designs, now it is possible to have your own dome, often included as part of an orangery style design.

Hip Back

Hip Back Conservatory Design

This term is not so much a type of conservatory but an addition which can be made to any conservatory to help it fit to your structure. Hip back refers to a design solution where a conservatory which pitches down at the back to the frame height so that any size of conservatory can be slotted neatly together with your home, even if it’s a bungalow. There are a number of ways a hip back solution can be incorporated into your individual design so that nothing is impossible.


Gullwing Conservatory Design

A Gullwing style conservatory is ideal for covering a wide area, possibly even the entire side of your house. It is called a Gullwing because the roof fans out from a wall plate at the centre, which looks a bit like wings. This type of conservatory is very spacious and a great choice for significantly extending your house. 



With Ideal Windows and Conservatories the possible conservatory designs are endless. If these options have whet your appetite but you’re not sure which one to go for based on your budget, then why not give us a call on 0131 440 4117 and we can listen to exactly what you want and give you a free instant quote.
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