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Dangers of Conservatory Roofs

By November 21, 2019June 26th, 2020No Comments

5 Reasons Why Some Conservatory Roofs Can Be Dangerous 

Just because a conservatory conversion with a tiled roof looks professional, doesn’t mean that it is..
The popularity of the conservatory is well and truly on the rise.
Thanks in no small part to new, modern building materials to the lightweight tiled conservatory roofs that are available on the market.
The most common reason homeowners want to upgrade their worn-out glass or plastic conservatory roof for a high quality tiled replacement, is because of the extreme changes in temperatures during summer and winter.
Conservatories built using polycarbonate roofs have been well known for being too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Meaning you have a room that is uninhabitable most of the year. New sophisticated designs and better materials mean that NEW conservatories are able to retain warmth in the winter months. While keeping your conservatory cool on sunny days, meaning homeowners now have a flexible living space that is usable all year round.

But this new-found popularity has come at a cost – The number of clad overs is on the rise and proving a problem for both the industry and homeowners.

Don’t Let This Be Your Conservatory Roof Replacement – This is what is known as a Roof Clad Over. (See image below).

Ideal Windows And Conservatories - Dangers Of Conservatory Collapsed Roof

What Is A Conservatory Roof Clad Over?

1) A clad over is when an installer tries to pass off basic timber installation material, low-grade tiles and plasterboard for a real tiled roof to the detriment of the conservatory and the homeowner.
2) Rather than replacing the whole conservatory roof, the installer will just take out the old polycarbonate sheets, direct fix timber battens to the pre-existing roof and plaster over to mask any potential issues.
3) This creates a number of problems. Firstly, the new roof will add too much weight to the original PVCu or aluminium structure that carried the polycarbonate or glass roof, it will offer no measurable insulation. Or structural calculations, and it will be susceptible to cracking plaster and leaking at the first sign of rain.
4) Considering it is now a solid tiled roof, the conservatory now falls under Building Regulations, potentially causing the homeowner issues later on down the line. For example when they try to sell their property.
5) The only benefit to the consumer for a clad over is the cost. So while it may feel like the bargain of the century in the short term? In the long term, when you consider the inevitable problems. It will cost you a lot more, over time.
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Ideal Conservatory Sunroom Lightweight Tiled Roof

Ideal Lightweight Tiled Roof

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