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Composite Doors Edinburgh

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UPVC Doors Edinburgh

Make a Statement Every Time You Step Through Your Door

It is likely that your door is opened and closed thousands of times a year. As the focal point of your home your door should look good while also being sturdy and secure. With a beautifully designed reinforced door you needn’t give it a second thought. Half measures won’t do when it comes to the security of your home and we certainly don’t take any short cuts. Get peace of mind with a ten year guarantee on a door which is built to last.

Why Choose Our doors?

  • Reinforced to offer unparalleled home security
  • Made from scratch to your exact requirements
  • Stylish realistic woodgrain effect
  • Will never rot, warp, crack or need repainting
  • Hides minor scratches and is easy to clean
  • Fit to provide excellent heat retention
  • Ten year guarantee
  • A huge range of beautiful glass window designs

In What Way Are They So Secure?

If you’re not totally reassured, know that the door you’ll be getting is manufactured in accordance with ‘Secured by Design,’ which is a Police backed accreditation. As such you’re provided with doors that are top of the range in security features which come as standard.

  • Multi point locking systems utilise exclusive designed and  incredibly strong brass and nickel hooks.
  • Secure steel drill plate to prevent the lock from being drilled out.
  • Cylinder guard protectors preventing the lock from being snapped.
  • Our door test standards are often higher than industry tests demand.
  • Aluminium and Polypropelene reinforcement on outer and inner frame.
  • All locks are tested by the UK Locksmiths Association - a very tough industry standard.
  • Anti-lock bumping locking cylinders.
  • Designed to resist drilling, picking, bumping and snapping

Why a PVC-U Door?

PVC-U stands for ‘Polyvinyl Chloride Un-plasticised.’ It is environmentally friendly, and the thermally efficient properties of PVC-U doors mean they retain heat better than other doors, keeping your home warm and reducing your carbon footprint. It is weather resistant, tough on impact and can last in excess of thirty years, making it an ideal material for your front or back door.

Unlike wooden doors, PVC-U doors give you the ability to mix and match colours, meaning you can have the colour inside your door something other than white. In addition they easily mask scratches and marks with the benefit of a beautiful and realistic wood grain effect.

What is Lock Bumping?

You might have heard the term used in the news, involved most often with burglary. It has become a more common method of home invasion in recent years as it requires very little effort, leaves no visible signs of entry and can be done with readily available tools. Unfortunately this is a technique used as part of a rise in burglary.

The upside is that there are methods available which can prevent this, and all of our doors are built with locks secured against lock bumping. Locking cylinders built specifically to prevent this and other methods of home invasion come as standard with our doors.

Lock bumping was originally a method developed by locksmiths themselves for more wholesome reasons. In ensuring that our doors are independently tested to the highest industry standard by the UK Locksmiths Association, you can be confident that our locks come with the highest assurances of security.

In addition to this, hook locks built using some of the strongest materials known to man provide heavy duty reinforcement to your door. Our hooks are built from solid brass and coated with nickel, latching into steel keeps running the length of the door. This not only gives your door added strength but prevents anyone from being able to prise the door open.


SECURED BY DESIGN: The Police Backed UK initiative is laid out to support the best designs and principles for preventing crime.

LAPFAG: Our door manufacturer is a member of the Local Authority PVC-U Frame Advisory Group.

BS PAS 24-1: We fulfil independently tested enhanced security performance requirements for door assemblies.

BS PAS 23-1: Passed an independently tested general performance requirements for door assembly.

BS DD 171 & GG 6.6.2: Passed independently tested British standards for doorsets.

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