Hardwood Windows

Hardwood Windows is a style of double glazed window design, recommended if you are looking for beautiful classic styling, combined with modern security.

Ideal Windows And Conservatories exclusive Hardwood Windows range offers you exactly that, at a price you can afford…
No matter what style of house you own, or your are building – Ideals hardwood windows offer a finishing touch that give your home something extra special and will leave your neighbours admiring your choice.
Your new modern windows have all the touches of elegance you love about natural windows, coupled with high tech properties you covet in modern window designs.
No wonder Ideal are so proud of them…

Why Choose Ideal Hardwood Windows?

Ideal Windows And Conservatories offer only the very best Hardwood Windows.

This type of window sits at the opposite end of the spectrum to low quality softwood windows (which come unpainted and with flimsy stapled joints).

In contrast, Ideal Hardwood Windows offer:

  • Classically styled natural hard wood frames to give your home a gorgeous graceful touch.
  • Or to match the requirements of your council or conservation area.
  • A great choice of finishes that will compliment your property beatifully.
  • A wide selection of colours of stain to suit your personal taste
  • Advanced security features including hinge locks, shoot bolts, steel hooks and much more to thwart even the most determined burglar
  • A 10 year guarantee, so you can trust that we stand by the quality of our products and workmanship

Did you know that hardwood windows have a higher thermal resistance, are less affected by extremes of temperature and are even less prone to condensation?

When you sit by your gorgeous new windows and run your hand along their wonderfully organic surface you can smile a little smile to yourself, knowing that your investment has added such desirable properties to your home.

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Ideal Windows and Conservatories – Established since 1993 have over 25 years’ experience installing hardwood windows.
 The friendly and professional team of engineers, customer service advisors and designers are always on hand to ensure any enquiry you have is answered promptly and accurately.
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