Lean To Conservatories

Lean To Conservatories, Edinburgh

The Perfect Design for Any Shape or Size of Home!

Ideal Lean-To Conservatories, Edinburgh are one of the simplest designs. With just a square base, 2 or 3 walls and a flat angled roof.

Above all, making lean to conservatories, one of the fastest and therefore cheapest to install.

The range stretches from the economical to the down-right extravagant!  So why not let your imagination run riot.

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Lean-To Conservatories Are Perfectly Suited To Homes With Less Outdoor Space

Typically, with three sides it uses an existing exterior wall to form the fourth wall.

It is one of the simplest of conservatory styles, with it’s clean lines. Giving it a contemporary look.

An extremely popular addition for a modern property style.

So if you prefer a conservatory with understated lines? This style is the ideal choice for  you.

Whether Your New Lean-To Conservatory Is Traditional Or Contemporary

The “Lean-To” is particularly suited to;

Properties with restricted space under the eaves. For instance a bungalow.

Or houses that have an area that’s too awkward to accommodate a conservatory.

This is due to the pitch of the roof on a lean-to conservatory, which can vary.

So a shallow pitch can fit under a low bungalow roof and a steeper one would be ideal for a terraced house.

Also known as “sunrooms” or “garden rooms” they bring a flavour of the Mediterranean to your home.

It does this – By trapping the winter sunlight and converting it into heat through the glass.

The simple shape of this style of conservatory, gives you maximum space in a highly economical style.

You may be asking yourself the question – What will you do with all your new extra living space?

Here are some uses our happy customers have gone for with their new lean to conservatories in the past:

  • Bright new livingroom
  • Secure playroom
  • Stunning dining room
  •  Spacious kitchen
  • Inspirational music room
  • Big impact entrance hall
  • Greenhouse with extra pizzazz

The third image shown is a very modern and contemporary style of lean to conservatory that’s been trending in our design centre recently.

Favoured by all ages that want a modern style of lean to conservatory. It’s known as a “glass to ground, low pitch roof, lean-to conservatory”.

Do You want Maximum Living Space and Maximum Light at Minimum Cost?

Whatever your requirements lean to conservatories are always a safe bet as their design allows you maximum space for your money.

Even if you don’t know what you will use your conservatory for and just want to make an investment, then lean to conservatories can often be the best way to go.

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So You Want an Adaptable, Bright and Spacious Conservatory? You Definitely Want a Lean-To…

One of the best things about Ideals Edinburgh lean to conservatories is that as conservatories go, this design is the most flexible. In terms of structure as well as being stunning and a real sunlight magnet.

By choosing a lean to conservatory, you will be incredibly proud of your investment. As this design makes the most of what space you have and provides a whole new dimension to your home. Our expert designers can work with you to come up with the exact design which meets your needs and makes the most of your property.

Plus we take care of all the planning permission and other building issues you might be concerned about.

Simple Design = Great Value

For some the idea of getting a conservatory could feel like an unreachable dream. Investing in one of Ideals lean-to conservatories can make your dream a reality for a surprisingly low price. Plus, adding an extra room, a bright new living space or an entirely new dimension to your garden will make a huge impact on your properties resale value and resale appeal.

Give your house a real ‘wow’ factor so that when you sit in your beautiful new Edinburgh lean-to conservatory you can smile that special smile reserved for those who know just how wise an investment they have made.

An Ideal Lean To Conservatory Will Knock Your Socks Off at Every Level

When you contact Ideal Windows and Conservatories; either on the phone, by email, in person at our fantastic showroom, or even simply requesting a free quote using the contact form on this site you will be particularly impressed with our attentiveness to your every need.

And when you make the decision to get your own conservatory Ideal Windows and Conservatories go the extra mile to make sure you are at all times completely happy and up-to-date with the entire process.

Lean To Conservatories are a speciality of ours. So why not let us make your home that little bit extra special starting today!

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