Planning Permission

Planning Permission: Sorted!

You might find that in order to get your project underway, whether it’s a garage conversion or a conservatory, you will be required to seek planning permission. It’s an all too common inconvenience but is in place in the UK for a reason. In general it won’t hold back any development on your property as long as you don’t exceed set regulations. The most common problem is that submitting a planning application is not a day to day task for most people and few know the ‘ins and outs’ of the policies and standards involved. Unsurprisingly it can be difficult and frustrating for someone new to the process to get it underway.
Fortunately, for us, we are very experienced in the planning permissions process and have many years experience dealing with them. By quickly and efficiently going through the legal issues for you, the work on your extension or development can get underway with minimum fuss.
Best of all, you won’t have to worry yourself with any legal issues that could arise, as we ensure that every aspect of our work conforms to the legal standards required. By choosing to develop your home with us you will know that you are getting the highest professional standards, from the initial planning down to the finishing touches.
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