Replacement Or Refurbished Conservatory?

Replacement OR Refurbished Conservatories In Edinburgh & Surrounding Areas

Looking For Replacement OR Refurbished Conservatories?

Do you currently have a tired, leaking, out dated, old-fashioned or just plain old ugly conservatory? That looks like a barnacle stuck on the side of your otherwise pretty home?
Well, Ideal Windows and Conservatories have the ideal cost effective solution. They can provide you a replacement or refurbished conservatory. By either replacing or repairing your existing conservatory. Furthermore you will be pleased to hear, quickly and efficiently.
In addition, leaving you with a stunning, freshly renovated replacement or with a stunning new conservatory in its place.

If you’re not sure which is which or what type would be best – No problem.

Save energy and save money! Make moves to protect your home TODAY and get your home looking fabulous again. The Ideal team can help you to decide which would be the best choice to either replace or renovate your existing Conservatory.

With their FREE conservatory assessment and analysis you can book now CLICK HERE

Ideal replacement or refurbished conservatories are;
  • More secure.
  • More energy efficient.
  • No permissions required (usually) – So, get work started right away!

Why Choose Ideal For Your Replacement Conservatory?

Ideal Will:

  • Arrange to quote you for either a renovation or a replacement by assessing your existing structure.
  • Assign our expert designers to create or to redesign your dream conservatory.
  • Work with your current foundations to keep your costs down.
  • If you want it to be bigger or a different shape? Ideal deal with any planning permissions required.
  • If you currently have a particularly old conservatory. Ideal will deal with building regulations and update your foundations.
  • Provide a friendly service and expert advice throughout each and every stage of the process
Call Ideal Windows and Conservatories NOW on 0131 440 4117 or drop them an email to get your conservatory assessed right away. To use the CONTACT form on their website Click Here.

Can You Risk Leaving Your Old Conservatory In The State It Is In?

If you have an older or poorly constructed conservatory?
There may be a number of factors which you haven’t considered yet. But don’t worry. These will all be taken care of. By opting for one of Ideal’s excellent replacement conservatories.


There is no escaping the fact that in Edinburgh, the weather is pretty atrocious at times.  With torrential rain, high winds and sometimes snow falling on our homes. Moreover, an old wooden or metal conservatory will struggle to take the strain.


As you’re probably already aware? Badly maintained structures can invalidate your home insurance. So don’t risk the cost! Get your FREE conseratory replacement assessment booked in TODAY.


Many older conservatories do not have any more than single glazed windows. In conclusion these can find themselves held in a rotting frame next to an old rickety door.
As a result making these an extremely easy target for criminals. So protect your home contents and your family today, by upgrading your conservatory with Ideal. Don’t leave it until it’s too late.


One of the best reasons for upgrading you conservatory is that by doing so. You will be saving yourself money that you would otherwise be wasting on heating.
Badly insulated conservatories are like money vents. By throwing your hard earned cash, out through your conservatory walls for example. Straight into thin air. So why not start saving money today?

Renovated/Replacement Conservatories Pass Efficiency Tests

Both Renovated or Replacement Conservatories, By Ideal Windows And Conservatories pass every single efficiency test. Which are robust and set by international standards.

Ideal’s Promise

Ideal Windows and Conservatories will ensure the safety and security of your home by providing replacement conservatories

Replacement Or Refurbished Conservatory – Which Is Best?

Ideal will never suggest a replacement when a renovation will be sufficient and vice versa.
So, when you’re considering replacement Conservatories. Edinburgh is a good example of a city where this can make a real difference.
Edinburgh’s geographical location makes it a hub for crazy weather in the UK. As a result this means unfortunately that Edinburghs lovely old properties, tend to have conservatories that could really benefit from being upgraded.
Call Ideal Windows and Conservatories on 0131 440 4117. Email us or Click Here for a FREE instant quote. Or visit us at Ideals stunning indoor conservatory showroom. At Bilston Glen Industrial Estate, Loanhead. Located just south of Edinburgh FIND US click here.
Ideal Windows And Conservatories Replacement Conservatory
Ideal Windows And Conservatories Replacement Conservatory
Ideal Windows And Conservatories Replacement Conservatory
Ideal Windows And Conservatories Replacement Conservatory
Ideal Replacement (AFTER)
Ideal Windows And Conservatories Replacement Conservatory