When it comes to keeping your home safe, there is ‘secure’ and then there is ‘RockDoor’ secure…

Formed in 1996, RockDoor have gained an enviable reputation over the years as an industry leader in the field of secure composite door technology; their products are some of the most robust and energy efficient on the market and Rockdoor have rewritten the rulebook when it comes to security.

Why choose RockDoor?

  • You’ll be dealing with a brand you can trust: nearly 500,000 satisfied RockDoor owners around the country enjoy the added security of this company’s proven, industry-leading technology in their homes.
  • Tailor-made with your security in mind: The dimensions of your door aperture will dictate the exact size of your door sash, leading to a much stronger solution than you would get in ‘off the shelf’ doors, which become significantly weaker when they are cut to size.
  • Even the police can’t crack them: RockDoor caused a bit of a stir a few years ago when Lancashire police failed to compromise one of their door systems during a demonstration, despite having a myriad of tools at their disposal: this remarkable security means that the fire service often receive specialist training on how to use the heavy duty cutting saws required to bypass a RockDoor.
  • You could save money on heating bills: Installing a thermally-efficient model from RockDoor can help to reduce the amount of heat-loss your home suffers, with some designs boasting an impressive A-rating, meaning that you won’t be wasting energy to keep warm during the colder months.
  • Get the right look for your home: RockDoor offer a wide range of door styles in a variety of finishes: many combinations are available, so you can get a door which will perfectly compliment your property.

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What makes RockDoor technology so secure?

Most burglars gain access to properties via their victims’ doors: this is why RockDoor pack all of their designs with advanced technology to thwart virtually every technique a would-be criminal might attempt to break in.

RockDoors are built from the ground up with your security in mind and feature a wide array of features which are designed to offer a robust defence against even the most determined criminals seeking to gain access to your property;

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Some of the key features which help RockDoor products to stand out from the crowd are:

  • Multipoint locking system: The most secure RockDoors feature German-designed solid brass and robust steel hooks at strategic positions, which engage into super-strong steel keeps, for one of the most secure set-ups available.
  • Carbon fibre inner frame: Prized for its incredible strength, this high-tech material is more commonly used in aerospace and motorsports applications, but is now a key feature in many models within the RockDoor line-up.
  • Durable PVC-U construction: RockDoors are built to last: unlike old-fashioned regular doors, they will cope with virtually anything that the environment has to throw at them with no warping, cracking or swelling, meaning that your security won’t be compromised due to material failure.
  • Ultra secure locks: With all of the stories of thieves using techniques like ‘bumping’ or drilling locks to gain access into their victims’ properties, it is ever more important to make sure that your locks won’t be compromised: RockDoor models feature anti-pick and anti-bump locks with zinc cylinder guards and steel drill plates to defend against these sneaky tactics.
  • Thick skinned surface: RockDoors feature extremely durable skins to protect against attacks with cutting or striking tools.
  • Extra security is available: RockDoors are already some of the strongest doors on the market today; however, this innovative manufacturer also offers the option to fit an additional steel mesh system, which will create a virtually impregnable barrier against anyone intent on gaining unlawful access to your property.

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RockDoors Edinburgh By Ideal windows and Conservatories
RockDoors Edinburgh By Ideal Windows And Conservatories