Roofline – Silently Protecting Your Home

A properties roofline is perhaps often best described as ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ It is a little known fact that these often overlooked areas of your home could be most at risk from water damage. But worry not; we have the ideal solution, to not only help protect your home but to also give it that stylish development you are looking for.
Our full range of guarantee-backed roofline systems, span a wide range of budgets and styles. There really is the perfect solution for everyone no matter what the budget. Our representatives will be able to guide you through the options until you have deciding on exactly the right specification for your home.
There really is no substitute for the right products for the right job.
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Get Piece of Mind With a Range of Features

  • Weatherproof.
  • Rot and warp free – virtually eliminating repair or replacement.
  • Requires no painting – EVER.
  • An Excellent Insulator
  • Robust and durable.
  • Aesthetically right for any building.
  • Resistant to most acids and alkalis – as well as seawater, atmospheric pollution and insects.
  • Is resistant to sunlight (U/V) degradation.
  • Only requires an occasional wash down with soap and water.

Want that extra stylish touch?

We have the option of additional decorative fascias. They provide an added stylish element to your property. They are low maintenance and are available in both concave and convex designs.

We also have stylish, discrete soffit lighting options. These are in the form of lights set into the soffit, illuminating a section of the brickwork and soffit.
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Worried about ventilation?

Homes are simply hotter these days – central heating, draught prevention, double glazing and modern insulation all mean that often modern homes become sealed units. This may be ideal for the occupants, but without adequate ventilation this can cause moisture retention.
Our roofline edinburgh systems give property owners the chance to improve ventilation to the roof. Improving ventilation will help to reduce condensation and therefore decrease moisture build up. Moisture is responsible for damp, mould and rotten timbers.

Eaves Guard (with vent)

Water ingress normally occurs via broken tiles, damaged felt or cracked verges causing rotten timber fascias. The felt that is exposed is the area most likely to become damaged.
Often the damage that this causes can go un-noticed behind the facia, so examination and replacement of the roof felt is an important part of roofline installation.

Gutter Guard

Keeping the gutter from being filled with debris is essential to keeping rainwater draining. The Gutter Guard makes sure this debris doesn’t impede the flow within the gutter.

Insect Guard

For added peace of mind, why not select Insect Guard to create a barrier in your vented soffit boards to create a useful barrier to insects.
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