By Ideal Windows And Conservatories Because Moonrooms Wouldn’t Make Sense

Picture yourself sitting in your new sunroom in Edinburgh, watching the evening light fade slowly from a pale blue, to a soft pink and finally, behind the trees in your garden, a luscious edible purple. You stand up, draw open your French windows and step out into the cool summers evening just as the light trickles away.

Sunroom Edinburgh

Sunrooms can create a truly unique feel; with all the light filled glory of a conservatory, but without any problems that might arise from the glare of a sun soaked glass roof. In fact there are a number of variations possible when designing your sunrooms features and design with your Ideal sales consultant, depending on what you want.

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What might I use a Sunroom for?

A versatile sunroom can be used as just about any type of room. Sunrooms have all the characteristics of a normal room, but with access for sunlight on 3 sides. This makes for an airy, bright and welcoming room.  You could use it as:

  • An extra living room
  • A bright bedroom
  • An ideal place to grow plants
  • A sunny dining room
  • A secure kids playroom
  • A separate work space
  • A music room, for listening or playing
  • Anything except a dark room!

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What Sunroom designs can I choose from?

Partial Glass Sunrooms: Walls up to about knee height and then windows all the way to the roof line.

Full Glass Sunrooms: A full wall of glass all the way from floor to ceiling.

Un-insulated Sunrooms: Best for use in warmer seasons.

Insulated Sunrooms: Fully insulated and usable all year round.

Converted Existing Room: Change a suitable room, add on to an existing structure or build onto a patio or deck space.

Roof Style: With or without roof windows. To increase or limit the feeling of openness.

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What sort of doors and windows are there to choose from for my new Sunroom?

We have a vast array of windows and doors to choose from at Ideal Windows and Conservatories, Edinburgh; all of which can be seen, tried, felt and smelt at our Edinburgh showroom. Every single window and door comes with our 10 year guarantee and can be fully installed by our highly trained and completely professional installation engineers. Types of fittings include:



  • Tilt & Turn
  • Casement
  • Reversible
  • Sash & Case

  • Single
  • French
  • Sliding
  • Bi-fold


What’s the difference between Sunrooms and a Conservatory?

Both are sunlight filled rooms which are versatile and make a great addition to your home, not only aesthetically, but because they can increase the value of your home dramatically. Sunrooms in the UK are generally considered to have at least 3 walls of glass and a solid roof, while conservatories have 3 walls of glass and a glass roof.

Other names for sunrooms include:

  • Sun parlours
  • Green rooms
  • Solariums
  • Porch enclosures
  • Patio rooms
I want a Sunroom!

Good decision. Next step, have a think about what you want/need and get in touch. We can offer a full consultation by our highly experienced sales consultants who will listen to all your ideas, hopes and dreams.

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We can set you on your way to your ideal sunroom and advise you on:

  • Your Sunrooms Design
  • Planning Permission
  • Building Warrants
  • Servicing

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