Lightweight Tiled Roofs

Lightweight Tiled Roofs

If you own a less-than-efficient conservatory, you might not be entirly happy with your experience of using the structure. In such situations, it can often prove helpful to ask yourself some important questions…

  • Is your conservatory too warm in summer?
  • Too cold in winter?
  • Finding it difficult to watch TV or use a computer in the conservatory during daylight hours, due to intense glare?
  • When it rains, is the noise in your conservatory simply unbearable?
  • Is the cost of heating your conservatory prohibitively high during the colder months?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, Ideal has the perfect solution for you, in the form of our high performance insulated ware roof conversion system: A system that has the means of transforming your conservatory into a more versatile, efficient and comfortable space.

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How does the warm roof conversion system work? 

Thanks to its strong, lightweight, engineered aluminium frame construction, it is possible to transform your old, inefficient conservatory into a truly multi-purpose home extension with a minimum of disruption to your home in just three days!

The warm roof system works by replacing your inefficient glass or polycarbonate roof, whilst keeping the rest of your conservatory structure intact (Doors, windows, walls, frames, etc.)

Whilst the aluminium frame ensures structural stability, a double layer of rigid insulation board, internal insulated plasterboard, exterior –grade plywood and vapour membrane all work together to ensure that the performance of the warm roof system is incredibly efficient.

The whole system is finished off with a wide range of external tile colours and finishes, to ensure that your roof perfectly complements your home.

Your new, efficient lightweight tiled roof will:

  • Help to regulate the temprature in your conservator, making for added comfort all year round.
  • Reduce the amount of glare coming in from the outside, making it easier on the eyes to use computers, watch TV, etc during daylight hours
  • Limit the amount of noise that will be generated when the heavens open up
  • Slash the cost of heating your conservatory into a much more manageable sum
  • Allow you to regain valuable living space in your home
  • Add extra kerb appeal to your property

How can I get warm roof system from Ideal? 

Ideals team of helpful, friendly conservatory experts is on hand to help transform your conservatory into a more comfortable, efficient and versatile living space.

Simply give us a call on: 0131 440 4117

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Lightweight Tiled Roofs By Ideal Windows And Conservatories