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Top Three Conservatory Styles Available From Ideal Windows And Conservatories, Edinburgh

So you’ve decided you are definitely purchasing a new conservatory – Now you just need to decide what style to choose from! And there are many.

Whether you are looking for a conservatory that is traditional, contemporary, a glazed or solid roof, complex ie double hip or simple, clean lines –  At Ideal Windows And Conservatories, we can help you to design your own conservatory.

Absolutely anything you have in mind.

The world is your oyster and we can design anything you want (within reason), as the final decision lies with your local planning department.

So we created this blog post to help you or someone you know? For anyone who is trying to decide what style and shape would be best suited to your period of property and lifestyle.

Is budget a major factor? Ideal recommends a lean-to conservatory.

These are a fast and efficient way to extend your property, that allows the light to flood into your property.

Lean-To Conservatories can be one of the most cost-effective styles of conservatory.

Which has taken a resurgence in popularity recently, especially with the younger set who are looking for a spacious room for entertaining friends and family. The more modern lean-to conservatory styles have a low pitch roof and glass that runs from the roof to the ground, avoiding the time, labour and costs of a small wall.


Ideal Windows And Conservatories Lean To Style Of Conservatory

Lean To Conservatory

Ideal Windows And Conservatories Lean To Low Pitch glass to ground

Lean To – Low Pitch Roof, Glass To Ground








A Gable Front Conservatory Style is a very popular style here at Ideal

A Gable Front, can come with a variety of roof types such as glass or lightweight tiled roof.

The Gable Front style of conservatory can have a rectangular or a square shape, whichever is your preference?

It comes with straight lines with the face of the conservatory rising, into a gable front, and the sides of the roof rising into a pinnacle at the centre, giving this style of conservatory, it’s unique shape.

Ideal Windows And Conservatories Gable Front Conservatory

Gable Front Conservatory

Ideal Conservatories White Gable Front

Ideal Conservatories White Gable Front









Ideals conservatory specialists are here to ensure we design a conservatory or conservatory roof, that fits EXACTLY with your requirements.

Gable Front Conservatories can also have a range of roofs whether a solid roof or glass roof.

So no matter how big or small your conservatory project is, whether it’s a warm roof from Ideal. (Which is a fully lightweight tiled roof).

OR a glass roof (and there are many choices of glass roofs here at Ideal too), from easy clean glass to low glare.

And roofs that keep the heat in during winter, but well ventilated in summer, allowing the cool air in, during warm summer months.

There is sure to be a conservatory roof that is the ideal solution perfectly suited to your property to match your requirements, depending on the rooms uses..


Victorian Conservatory Design

A Victorian Conservatory is named after the Victorian era. This design is one of the most popular designs because it suits most house styles.

The front of the conservatory rises into a gable front, is multi-faceted and can come with 5 panels or 8 panels, with it’s faceted or rounded appearance.

Your Victorian conservatory is bespoke and customised in any design. It was the Victorian era in when the nation became big fans and lovers of the conservatory.

Victorian conservatories were previously designed with ever-more-elaborate details to complement the period homes of the time.

Victorian conservatory styles often included a Gothic shape to the windows and doors and complicated shapes in the roof, which was often steeply pitched, just like the roofs of Victorian houses.

A Victorian conservatory should fit in beautifully with the property and not look like an afterthought.

No matter how old your property is, your NEW Ideal Victorian Conservatory will have modern double-glazing, secure, built to last with Ideals 10 Year installation guarantee!

Always bespoke and tailored to suit your needs.


Ideal Windows And Consevatories Victorian Style Conservatory

Victorian Style Conservatory

Ideal Windows And Conservatories Victorian Conservatory Design

Victorian Conservatory Design








So if you want to know more about which conservatory design would best suit your property?

The Ideal design team will be more than happy to help you design your bespoke conservatory in Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

Call today on Tel 0131 440 4117 to arrange a FREE no-obligation quotation or use the contact form on our website. To request your quote CLICK HERE.